Support denies a guaranteed 5* after a 40 pull again



I’ll take your word for it.




Use agrajag’s post, send them and don’t leave them much time for answering, obviously they will delay it so you could miss refund deadlines from google/apple.


There was an issue recently where some players didn’t get the guaranteed 5*, but aside from that, you’re still supposed to get one. So just escalate the issue to a support person that knows what’s right. (Assuming your translation is correct.)


i moght be clueless but how do you escalate it? apart from asking them to escalate it and taking their word for it? _genuine question)


Uhh do it as you would in real life. When they ask if you got your answer, reply no, and ask for someone else or ask for a higher up. Reference evidence of Scopely knowing that there’s been an issue with it, etc etc.

The problem with support, that most people don’t realize, is that support isn’t a unified body, especially if it’s outsourced. Different support respondents will compensate differently, respond differently, etc. It’s often about finding one that will fulfill your request, if it is a legitimate one,


You are actually saying that support will compensate something? That is new, for this year at least. Unified or not, this isn’t a new problem so there is already determined modus operandi, so solution from “higher” position should be at hands of every “lower” position employee. Otherwise you are sending him to circle of endless answers of being sorry, which obviously will lead him to bank.


I’ve had a minor issue compensated before few months after the game started if I am remembering correctly.

It’s not so much about every lower position having a different solution as a higher position, but rather some employees are just more sympathetic than others, so you’re going to get different responses/results especially if your issue is not a widespread/major one. That’s not even getting into the validity of your issue, but that’s how real world works too. Be it customer service, car salesman, or any job where there’s a bit of wiggle room, how you get treated varies based on who you talk to as well as the circumstances. You may be talking to the customer service representative who just had a bad day, so he might not really care about what you have to say to him. Not to mention that since support has been widely speculated to be outsourced, they’re largely reading from a script and they’re also limited in what they can or cannot do in regards to small issues that they aren’t notified about by Scopely themselves.


Yes but you are missing the point, CS representatives are there to fix problem - fast and efficient. If they are not able to fix the problem fast and efficient they are going to replace product, send your money back or as here should be done restore you to point before you pulled and compensate virtual currency. Is it hard? No it isn’t. They are acting like beggars and soothsayers at the country fair, expecting your soft heart to give something for nothing, no guarantees to be precise.


No, I’m not missing the point. I’m just pointing out the reality of the world we live in. Nothing’s perfect. It’s becoming one of the upsets of the new technological age.

Someone wanted to draw comparisons to Amazon a while ago in terms of how their customer service is done. While some people simply say, “Oh look, they resent a product that never came,” they often overlook the risk management aspect of the company. With Amazon, they know that their type of business has a high risk of lost products that result from a multitude of reasons, like theft(by others or by the person who ordered, aka fraud), delivery failures, etc. Some companies, especially bigger companies, are more willing to compensate without a second guess because there’s a high possibility of risk that comes with the job.

That’s not excusing support, because they vastly need to improve how they handle situations. But digital products are much easier to track, figure out what’s wrong, or even fix and compensate than it is for other products. As a company, you don’t want to lose out on the revenue when you can remedy the issue. Of course, we have seen in the past that certain issues weren’t compensated, and that is grounds for a refund.


Yes, but also there is practice of company insurance, so if things like this happens amazon will refund it so they aren’t blatantly going into risk with their deliveries but are covered for any possible blunders. Also if damage is caused by employee, amazon will pay it and will refund from employee, law and practice is covering all possibilities. If damage is done from third party it can be also insured and after that refunded from person that caused damage willingly (aka fraud).


I can show the same. Two weeks ago I got the same response, I replied back with videos of pulls and still nothing.


Exactly, so companies that deal with high risk of refunds, fraud, etc have that leeway. It’s why I hate to do company-company comparisons when base circumstances are different.


Oh I don’t, no worries, it is my job lol


yes but sureyly Scopeley will not suffer a financial loss by granting some pixels, cmon. give the man his 5S and throw in a benedict as a token of apology. doesnt cost them anything


Oh, I was talking mainly with small claims, not the problem that was brought up like last week of which there’s already a solution to.


It’s got to be timing bad luck or something I know 2 faction mates that I’ve already pulled 40 and received two epics
Neither of them got the pole that they wanted but they did get to five stars in a 40 pull