Supply points and how to get them


Is there any way to grind for supply points other than selling weapons or toons? I have ascendable Ty in my depot, if I sold off my stash of 3 & 4* toons I’d still end up 20k shy.


War crates.


If by “grind” you mean farm, nope. See above for best approach.


War crates were a bust this event, it was pretty much all basic tokens. I was banking on that too lol.


Do a 40 pull win win


War crates, going from player lvl 1 to 100 training 3* or 4* toons that have no use.


I’m good on the 40 pull even if I had enough coins lol.
And yeah I’m trying to level as fast as I can in my newer region, 112 chatta, 68 Chilton.
I did mean farmable, didn’t think there was any other ways cause I’ve played for over a year, but always good to ask around.
Thanks everyone.


I would say the only way to “farm” supply points would be to go through the 20+ world levels. I have been getting some 3* toons and 3* weapons with some regularity there. You could sell them for supply points.


Yeah, I’m doing that with drop leads, not much luck, seems like good drops are alot more rare these days.


I find that I get a 3* weapon or character every 10-20 pulls of basic tokens. Still, if you’re 20k off that’d be a lot of tokens.


You can farm gear tokens from world maps and the gear map, then use those to pull and sell persona trainers. You can also redeem all your helper tokens and basic tokens for 3* weapons and toons you can sell. Finally, as a last resort you can check your SR depot and see if there’s a cheap toon there you can buy and sell for depot points.

Check for persona crates in your reward section too.

Farming 13-3 gets me Lilith sometimes, she’s worth a good bit of depot points if you’re desperate


holy *, i didn’t even realise they were still putting that ty in the depot! I have not seen him since ascendance started… I would love to see him though, he’s the one missing for me and have enough depot points for 2 of em :wink:

Regarding the question at hand: I think Pablo has some good suggestions. Collect gear tokens, redeem them and sell what you get.


There are also a couple of Scavenger missions that pay a few. No great amount but every one helps.


Had Ty pop up in my depot this week, took the plunge and sold off a load of 3*'s, persona trainers and weapons to get him, too good to miss out on.

Shame i’m running out of hunter gear to level him… :unamused:


My suggestion is building/producing a bigger stash of 3*/4*. Getting the extra 20k can take a while unless there’s another wendygate.

If you’re banking food/survivors in your TGs, you can always sell those 3* you get every couple days.

You can also sell off basils, burts, Bradys and persona trainers. (You can occasionally pull these from elite item tokens)

Some scav missions give rare character bags that have 3* in them.

Collecting 4* tokens from territories and selling 4*s for sp


Best way is to sell all your toons and weapons to the depot where they belong.


Thanks guys, I’m gonna try and farm the world stages as much as I can for tokens and such. The weird thing about Ty being in my depot is that I thought they took him out too, until last week when he was in the depot for my other region, caught him on sale for 42k, that was a no brainer on buying him lmao.


Not to make up 20k points. Scav camp has some, war
Crates, etc. don’t sell off 4* weapons, please.

Also, don’t buy Tyrese, unless it’s the blue one. Even then, wait for red gov on sale. When he is a 6* you’ll thank me.


Basically run your legendary tg non stop and sell of toons. Do scavenger missons that offer them. I stated the obvious selling off toons. On occasions roadmaps had them, pretty sure it was the gear maps they took away.