Supply Depot Zeke - worth it?


He’s available for 153k markers (extreme sale) . I know he’s considered one of the best buffers in the game, but on the other hand he is a 5*, so not sure how viable he is in today’s 6* teams.
I have 500k markers but with the knives it’s will cost me about 350k of the 500k which is quite a lot, especially if $copely eventually revamp the depot

So is he worth it? How do I build him to survive if I do get him?


At this point I would not waste the efforts on him.


depends on whatstage you are in the game, if your region is still populated with lots of 5* then he may be still worth getting. To be perfectly honest though even if that is the case he will soon become obsolete - he dies in round 1 in my region. I would just get Glenn from museum instead - the buff is slower but you get command which is invaluable and decent stats as well as active skill. He can also have one more mod than SR Zeke.


they could change him to a 6☆ one day… probably not…


Well worth it. He can be tanked to survive the 6★ era, and having that heal and buff available before all the 6★ rush is great.

This is how I run him, and I use him in most my attack teams

Don’t get me wrong, take him up against a red heavy team and he can die quickly.


id still say get Glenn, even with mods his stats are of a weak 6* without mods, each to their own and if you find him useful then fair play to you. I just think there are better options now.


If you don’t have him, I’d get him. He is still good in the 6* era, and aside from that, he’s useful in PvE areas. (AKA faction assault/SR)


As a buffer, Glenn is a poor choice. Takes much longer to rush and, being a command, he’s not gaining AP when he’s doing his primary job of commanding. Yeah, nice to be able to have both rolled into one character but if you want a buffer, get Zeke. You’d be surprised how infrequently he actually dies in my setups, and he rarely gets a boost from leader skill either


Still the best buff in the game for Player vs Environment, definitely worth it in my opinion. Really the only other option is hanging around for Adens, and they’re expensive from the SR Depot.


I was using him for a while. I replaced him with Jeremiah for quicker raids. He’s worth buying in my opinion if you don’t have a good buffer.


You’ll need a strong tank to ensure his survival so he can keep buffing. But I benched Zeke for Glenn myself and had him on my Garrett team with a huge attacking AP weapon. It did work.


Get sr zeke good on att team with mods just don’t throw him on def


He is definitely worth it. He’s my current offense leader and he’s equipped with a stun weapon with +def, and +def mods. Just don’t put him on defense.


Great on offence, poor on defence.


Not worth it much rather have the Adens.