Supply Depot Update - Who Is In It?

Since Mr. Mekar did a post for characters contained in the Ascendance Tower, I figured I’d make one to gain info on who’s in the Supply Depot rotations. This post is mainly to help people find characters they need for collections, I’ll be formatting this rather simply, so here we go:

Kenny “Around Every Corner”
Hershel “Safety Behind Bars” *
“Jesus” “Limited Edition”
Darius “Road To Survival” *
Oberson “TellTale Special Edition” *
Ezekiel /
Garrett “Road To Survival #1
Glenn “Road To Surival, Edition #2
Tripp “Ties That Bind”
“Jesus” “All Out War” *
Angela “Made To Suffer” *
Christa “TellTale Special Edition” *

/* = Needed for museum collections
/ = Was present before the update
This is a personal list of characters I’ve seen myself, but I will update with info provided accordingly.

The dot is the star btw, but Scopely auto makes it a circle for some reason.

These popped up this morning:

Garrett RTS 1 (Blue Human Shield)
Ezekiel (Green OG)


Instead of making post after post to fill your ego why not just read the list of characters that has already been created?


There was only a list of the ascendable characters added to the depot. I’m not trying to fill egos here.

Added yours.

I’ll now heart people who contribute to the list to verify your contributions have been added

Ascendable blue Maggie and red 5* shied garrett

Erin added

This Glenn.

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They could have just removed 5stars altogether from SD, replace them with ascendables, its not like 6stars gen1 will give a huge boost to players in the Sclass and veterans era :man_shrugging:
5stars are the new 4stars, not much help in wars and raids against Sclass and veterans :laughing:


Good additions that I’ve seen.

Shield Garrett (blue)

Angela (made to suffer)
Jesus (all out war)
Both of these two needed for collections.


All I see so far are useless 5 stars.



Yvette „Road to survival, edition #1

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Updated a bit more.
Please Specify a character’s name and title when posting, because I’m not able to tell what character it is just from the depot icon

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You can put a slash in front of the character to escape the autoformatting:

\* will show up as a star.


That’s a lot, will update shortly, a lot of these seem to be oriented torwards collections which is good