Supply Depot, Tyreese

Hello guys, I am aiming to get Tyreese from Supply Depot. But never seen for 2 months.

Is there a turn or random? 1 week is to long time. I think may not random.

This is current sale list. If not random, Can someone tell me when will show Tyreese? :joy:

Best I can tell, it’s random, unless you’ve had the exact same items listed there with only prices changing every week, then it’s a bug which is already being looked into by the devs.

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I am debating on stretching for my 2nd. Just started using my 1st.

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Hes one useful fker for T5 faction assault bosses

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I think so, good dps with Dwight

Ya ty still appears but if you’re in a hurry may want to try to refresh a few times with coins

I bought him this week been waiting on him for a couple of months