Supply depot toons added

Anybody know the toons added to sd I seen stun zeke and skylar. For prestige 12 red michonne and blue Lori

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Thank you sucks they only added 1 Museum toon

Hurray more toons to wait a week for that are overpriced. I’m super stoked

Haha I’m only getting zeke for Museum that’s about it than uses him for 6* food

Sure, let’s go back to when there were 5 toons in the Depot and ascension didn’t exist.

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So you wouldn’t want a say refresh with all these new toons added then?! I figured you would understand but I guess you took it literal on my statement.


The wanderer ! :drooling_face:

You know what’s funny that I realized when I went to add him to my profile picture…

… That is the best roster view in the entire game… Yes the completely non-functional view is way better than the crappy roster screens, and toon sell/level up screens…

@Agrajag can we get updates to roster view that are more similar to character card density as this one even if you need to shrink them to fit the team build out section and scroll vertically. Way easier to find what your looking for when your view isn’t limited to a single row or left to right scrolling.