Supply Depot to buy INGREDIENTS


Can we also get the option to buy ingredients from Supply Depot? Just like the new option to buy Gear now? Ingredients like “Crude Bronze” and “Metal Cutter” among other things.


Farm workshop on Saturday’s, it’s what I do when I get low on ingredients :smiley::smiley:


Not going get a lot of them they rarely drop there.


Don’t see the harm in allowing this to happen. Make it happen Scopes.

Amen to that. They are available on nearly every stage but they rarely drop and nowhere in the amount that is required to craft all the parts we need.

Why not lower the cost. Do we really need 4 metal cutters to make one object? No, we do not.


^ preach!


This is a great idea. I would also like to see the weapon parts taken out of the assault depot and given their own depot. Once you use up all your tapes and kits from level 125 as most probably have by now there is no reliable way to get them. I have been on 0 kits and tape for weeks now it’s very frustrating to not be able to make any weapons.


I think this falls miles behind other much more needed improvements.


I mentioned in another post that with 5 cans i farmed only 60 metal cutters when for an impair on defence for example i need 97 !!! They rarely dropped