Supply Depot Timers?!?!?


Dear Scopely,

Can you reduce the timers to all depots to 24 hours? Why is the standard supply depot a week reset whereas the assault depot is 24 hours?

Come on guys you can do a daily update of all depots for the old confused players. While you’re adjusting the timer block maybe throw in some other stuff? War cans, territory cans, survival road cans, monkey bear cans?

With love,



Because people spend coins to refresh it.


Hell no, for what purpose a human being with sane mind would spend 400 coins to refresh that pile of Dales?


Agreed the cool down town could be less , I’d be happy with 3 days already Instead of a week , And please please please refresh the 5star toons in the Depot as well … Andra/Glenn/Morgan etc are a tad out of date , I’ve asked this before as well as many others , thanks @kalishane


200 coins for a refresh can get you 5 refills in the depot , then refresh another time for 200 again can be 5 world cans

So 400 coins gets you 5 raid and 5 world refills , that’s how it used to be when the depot was less full of stuff and I would refresh it every 3 days (70 coins a day pass)

But I don’t refresh anymore what with the chance of refreshing and there being no refills


Glenn is confirmed to become a 6* by ‘early 2018’. So I’d rather have him in there still. :wink:


We’ll agreed lol , I have him already In my toon list , and also while we’re at it keep Tyrese please :))


I picked mine up 2 weeks ago. Maxed him out yesterday. I’d still take another, I find him pretty useful for SR. :smiley:


The depot can be refresh everyday just reduce the amount of refill to 1or 2 max per day in depot which can be mix in every kind of refill for example war or territories cans


The whole supply depot needs a revamp. It was built in an age when the value of the contents was much greater than it now is. This includes a 24 hour timer to match the other depots.

However, there is little revenue generation potential for Scopely and so it inevitably is low down the priority list


The depot is like other parts of the game. its developed, put into the game, gets some minor upgrades (bug fixes mostly) and just goes stale.

It doesn’t look like it gets re-evaluated, it’s there, it works now leave it alone.