Supply depot - Survival road 6* toon



i feel a good idea is to give people a 6* to buy for survival markers out of supply depot. i remember when survival road jesus and ezekiel were good toons and people completed sr daily to upgrade them.


I couldn’t agree more on this topic.


Sorry guys utilizing all the features available to improve game play and the players experience is noy what RTS is about anymore. SR had it’s time in the spotlight. Scopley off to the next new feature it will introduce then ignore.


but survival road tournament is still in scopelys interest so maybe a new 6* survival road toon will let them renew that feature and interest new players in playing sr.
who to @ to get an answer on this subject? @kalishane.

ps. if not then maybe its possible for the team to move one existing 6* to supply depot for survival markers.


@kalishane. This is a great idea…doesn’t have to be the greatest toon…just some kind of 6 star for us to somehow get excited for


there are people who would pay for aquiring multi-tool knives to upgrade their 6* because they wont have time to play sr much. btw i bet there are possibilities to get money out of sr.


That doesn’t make sense when 5s were relevant they had 5s in Depot…now 6s are relevant they should have 6s in Depot…


These will be a low priority as there’s no real way to monetise them as they’re free toons, don’t count on them till 2019


Good point


partially true… you need to keep non spending players happy too, otherwise how many spenders does a region have? 4 full teams? and bang, you have a dying region! btw spenders need competition to spend more. f2p players need something to grind their way up top too, otherwise ppl get bored. @kalishane hook us up with a 6* toon for survival markers, i know you can do it xD

so ppl. the more are interested in a free sr 6* toon the more chance we will get one! express your opinion!


Everything needs overhauling there 5s persona trainers 5s all useless


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