Supply Depot Should We Change It?


Should the Supply Depot refresh be 7 days? The Survival and Assault marker depots are 24 hours, so why is the basic Supply Depot not the same?


Because the regular supply depot contains world and raid refills, and some decent gear (flaks & beanies). That’s why. Also, unlike assault markers, supply points are quite common.


That’s why what?


That’s why the 7 days.


I disagree with the rationale. There’s items there that could use refreshed faster and the practice of a 7 day refresh is antiquated because it was grandfathered because it was the original timer. It should be swapped to change daily


Scopely would gain nothing from a daily refreshed supply depot. People who need a flak or beanie might be tempted to drop 200 coins for a refresh. That’s why they’re keeping it at 7 days refresh. How is this not obvious?


If that were the case then all depots would be 7 day timers because they would benefit more from that scenario


The sr depot has no gear (except the knives that are only usable by the sr toons), and people are already sitting on thousands of unused sr markers. And tell me more about the people who have hundreds of thousands of assault markers which can be used on daily assault depot refreshes?


If they would speed up the refresh it would encourage the use of supply points then, based on what you’re saying. Hence more money for Scopely. The assault markers have just started but I have nearly 70k in beta even with daily buying, but still…