Supply Depot - Sale items

Quick question on the Supply Depot, the ascendable Tyreese has come up for me this week, a character i dont yet own, but i cant afford him unless he comes up for sale.
I would struggle to get much together from selling items/toons

Is there a time or even a rationale on when the sale items appear/refresh?

I had wanted to get the red gov last week but missed out, but atleast tyreese is currently ascendable…

Sales always appear when you are under 20k depo points, as soon as youv got enough poof… there are no where to be found


I’ve had extreme sales with more than the necessary SP. It’s random.


Had a feeling it was random… as usual lol

There have been 5* toons on sale recently, just not ones i wanted, as is usually the way.

One to keep an eye on this week i guess

It should update every day. So we could get more chances to get these characters (Tyreese, Joshua, Governor, Glenn, etc)


Never got Tyrese again in my Depot ever since they started with 6 stars so I’m guessing it’s completely random … unfortunately

I’ve had ty twice and gov once and glenn once, been a good run lol