Supply depot refresh question


I bought the 5 raid cans from the supply. If I pay the 200 coins to refresh it can I buy the 5 cans again or does it bring up other options?


It will refresh in a circuit so next you may have a 4* toon or world cans then back round to raid cans so it may cost 600 coins before they pop up again


I’ll pass on that. 600 coins is not worth 5 cans. 200 woulda been worth it tho


Definitely mathe no one told me haha I learnt the hard way, but yeah between 400-600 coins would bring the raid can circulation back round again, better off buying a box of cans with some coins, and do all roadmaps they tend to have 1 or two on most road maps now!


You may as well make a pull if your wasting gold on refresh


I gave up on pulls. 250 coins isn’t worth another 4* that I don’t want/need


Really? Pretty sure it’s random. I usually get cans in the top left slot, and right now I have Scout.


They should also update the 30 days pass…


I agree that’s well over do get the 4* out of there also throw ascend in there by now out of the 5* only keep slow Jesus just because that’s the only place you can get him. Even to new players only michonne is worth something but odds on pulling a 5* from there is extremely rare I’ve been in 30 day since it came out only pulled blue gov once


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