Supply Depot....Refills diluted


Anyone noticed the Supply Depot has toons covering the Refill a lot now.
So instead of the:
1 raid refill and the 1 world Refill
1 Raid Refill, 1 World Refill and something else in cycle.
1 Raid Refill, 1 world Refill, toons, toons I think equipment too sometimes.

With the new gear maps becoming vital to play every day to get certain items…
For example one person needing Longcoats…
They have to go through it all and can’t even Farm it.
All the while world refills are been cut off.

And with the 3rd place in War having raid refills instead of world they are making progressing near impossible without spending. Especially for newer players.

Making the roadmap easier I think was also to have newer players use for refill to get through.

A lot of the more experinced members may not have experienced it yet but your world refills will start falling and your saved up gear will be hit hard.

What is this game coming too…
Who ever left when this game was going good…get them back ASAP.


Believe me, people have noticed. And we are not happy.