Supply depot questions


I was wondering. There’s 4 sections to the supply depot:


There’s 100,000 food for 150 gear markers atm, should I get that for level up or save for something?

Also the same questions for the other 3 areas, is there any items I should get, should skip and should save for?

Thank you.

I wouldn’t buy anything for sake of it… buywhat need when need it. Unless need that food an will use it all straig t away no point as will get taken off you in raids.

Supply depot - I only buy refills here. If an ascendable i don’t have is on sale I’ll buy it if i have enough.

Gear depot - mostly for food for level ups. I’ll get the 3* gear too, but only when i have lots of markers.

Survival depot - get the crate for medals. Zeke and Dr Stevens are still good toons to have for SR, imo. Otherwise, only good when Aden is on sale.

Assault depot - I only buy liliths here. And only on sale.

The league store is the best place to get the gear you need.


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