Supply depot purchases

Please work on adding functionality of selecting multiple items for purchase in supply depot. Easiest example is food. Even though there are 999 in stock, players need to purchase 1 at a time. Thanks.


Wow, this is the best idea I have heard. I’m surprised no one else has said this. /s


Will this change make them money? Nope. Keep surviving. :smirk:

Well, to be fair, long-press collection of tt chests wasn’t lucrative for them, either. But, yeah. They still suck at stuff.

Yes, they do. :smirk:

Heard something about them adding this in the next update. That was 2 updates ago.

So what you’re saying is to expect it in another three update’s time?

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Nah that’s a little too soon for them. Maybe 6 or 7

In the yr 2020

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