Supply Depot Points or Bud/Bree Trainers

So with the new roster/trainer update. We can now convert our 3* and 4*s into Bud and Bree fodder. Unfortunately I still find myself selling them for SD points even with all the x100 basic tokens we’ve been getting.

Anyone else still converting toons into SD points? I’m either a creature of habit or I just don’t see much value in Bud/Brees.

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Im using mine for level up. Same as I did with 3 and 4 stars

Not so many interesting purchase options in SD (tho I got the yellow skateboard Sandy recently), so I don’t sell 3*/4* toons as a regular feature and instead always filter 2*/3*/4* in the training grounds conversion…
But id there is an interesting item/toon, I sell of the weapons and toons (burn some basic tokens, if need be) to get enough tokens for the purchase.

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I always buy the Benedicts, Basils, Bradys, and Lilith. Those can cost a good amount of SD points after a couple of months of not replenishing.


Ich Hohle auch nur noch die Ausbilder der Rest geht ins lev up

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Not as much as I used to but yeah I’m selling my 3 & 4* toons. Only bc the XP for Bud & Bree is so low. They should be worth more XP than they are imo.

I think it would nice if we were able to take and combine Two of the Bo, Bud, Bree & Brian trainers together and make the better Higher XP Burt, Brady, Basil & Benny trainers.

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Agree with this statement on combining trainers. Scopely’s 6th grade education programmers prolly couldn’t make it happen though. Just like a farmable 6* gear map that still hasn’t come out. Hell, they can’t even help the players by releasing a farmable high quality trainer map. They just keep pushing new bad events with random times to be able to get things to jump thru hoop A to get things to jump thru hoop b. To have to spend to get all the things you need to help you progress with the game.

The game is in a never ending non-helping way for the players. But hey their is an offer that can help you in the slightest way possible for a mere 49.99

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