SUPPLY DEPOT - In Need of Long Awaited Update

All these new updates to the Premier Recruit and 5* Token Wheel, but any updates for Supply Depot?

Please update the Supply Depot, it’s long overdue and it’s so way outdated now with the new meta

Please add new 5*

Please lower supply depot points or make more frequent extreme sales for items especially the old 5*

Please refresh it faster, a week is too long for something so outdated, something like 24-48 hours like the Supply Markers

Thank you


They need to just redo almost whole thing 1st 2 boxes are worthless I can farm for that gear they need to add ultra rare gear more 5* and weapons if they keep 3 n 4* toons at least make them rare 1s not most of the worthless 1s that are in there

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Id love to see war cans sold. 200 pts for 3 available (more expensive than raid/ world cans). Like seriously the main event for alot of factions and we can maybe get 1 or 2 extra cans between wars from a scavenger missions. Yet we can stock up on raid cans like crazy.

A 3 day timer would be good. Give ppl a few days to sell/farm stuff if they want a supply pt boost. A weeks way too long.

I hope they do freshen it up a bit.


I agree on cans for war, sr and territories even if you charge more for them


Please please please… Thats not Scopely language

Been requested forever. Clearly they don’t care or forgot how to do this.

@TheWalkerDude thoughts?
@kalishane response?


I would like a daily refresh timer, adding sr refills, territories refills, and war refills. That was people don’t over stock on raid refills for tourneys.

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Battle crates should have chances at war cans similar rate as char tokens… imho

it’s a pity, they just implement things, but they don’t really update those things

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When was the last time Kali was active?

War cans please!!!

I’ve been saying this, and writing it in the feedback surveys, for months. The games economy has changed yet there was little balancing across the board. With the introduction of 6*, they should have taken every section where you can purchase things and add things that people would spend on and remove items that are “outdated” and move them to farmable areas to allow easy progression to points where players are most likely to spend irl money.

I would love to see it refreshing quicker, like every 1-2 days, we need more world energy cans and 4* weapons to disassemble and get crap items!