Supply Depot governor


Is the governor from the supply depot the one thats a future 6*


I hope so.



This one?


Yes it is :sunglasses:


cheers he’s on extreme sale in my depot only a couple of k short so going to sell toons to get enough for him


I have him sitting and waiting. The 6* version looked decent, I would grab him on extreme sale definitely.


Now the question is will they ever release him and if so will it be in 2018? Seriously we have one alert that is f2p. He’s not gonna break the meta but he sure as hell will help the f2p players who are ranged. Enough with the melee crap. Either give us a choice every contest or at least alternate between melee and ranged.


anyone have a screen shot of his 6 star version?




thanks. Looks decent. Hard hitting and impair for AR and neutralize specialist skill.


Yeah he’s gonna be great. Got a stun gun waiting for him too. I think it’s been 4 months since he was leaked.

Come on scopes it’s time. Stop screwing around. Put him up like you did for Glenn in a stash and make some money. For the rest of us let us do something with our existing 5 stars.


seems like they release FTP ascendable 5 stars every few months. They just released glenn and I think gator would be next. May be mid 2018 before we see the new governor.


You’re probably right sadly. I have Gator and could care less about Gator. Melee farm toons are dumb imo. They spend half the time attacking barricades. It’s so much faster with a ranged team. We already had a large melee dropper in Rosa. She is ascendable and is on the 5 star wheel. The couldn’t think of anything better for Gator?


I would hope he comes before Gator. It’s only fair. Even though I am interested in Gator. When have we known about him since? Like August?


That screenshot is so old it shows pre-buff stats. They should come out at 1995atk/1361def/1567hp (always subject to tweaking though)