Supply depot crashing

with the new update the slot 8 is avail even for anyone without being prestige 10… i have eric sitting there and when i purchase, the game crashes… help~ i have 5 hours on the depot~

same here :c

Did you guys have it fixed? I just updated a second account on a different device I haven’t touched in months and I have the same issue

Yup just posted same. Scopely and players United can both get a piece of my mind but even this will likely be hidden lol

Yea they removed the 1400 rep limit for the weapon and in ur case the prest 12 limit… except it will just crash since they… just scopely being scopely

Tried to buy the weapon in supply depot, game crashed. Tried 5 times finally got to equip the weapon and then game crashes and its removed from my inventory. Let’s not even talk about resetting you got lucky so vets have a chance to use it no no… This is about why does you adding new unasked for game modes (more revenue avenues) result in ruining the things that worked fine. You really couldnt update supply depot without breaking it? You guys are slipping so bad. Anyway sd is useless for me.

So the dopes just removed the limits but the items will just disappear. RIP noob accounts

This just happened to me also… Kind of reminds me of when leagues came out and then the territory’s started crashing. Hopefully there’s a fix for this tho. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Yea. I tried to purchase Carson 10 times, always crashed.

But not just that. I can’t even change my faction helper. Everytime I click on my profile, the game crashes. :roll_eyes:

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im able to buy the character, but right after the game boots me and refunds the toon. (I got the supply markers back) ive tried buying eric about 10 times but it keeps booting me. Scopes pls fix i really want an Eric :grin:

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Hi there,

We are aware of this issue with the Supply depot and our team is currently investigating for a fix.



Thank You

If anyone impacted with the supply depot crash could PM me their account code that would be great :slight_smile:


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I have the same problem. Can’t buy Glenn.

Mine still restarting after buying anything in the supply depot

Yea mine now crashes no matter what I buy. Forgive me for being hesitant to share account code. Just like when u guys said would make an exception and show me why I was banned if I sent code lol, feels like a trap.

Where do you find account code?

Yes, I’ve been trying to collect Eric, but game crashes every time. I’ve been waiting a long time for him to be available in my depot, so hope it gets fixed before my depot resets. Thanks a lot!

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You guys aren’t going to get the items nor toons in there. There are supposed to be limits shown, for example to open the final 8th spot you must be prest 12. In order to open the weapon you must be rep of 1400. So they removed the limits from showing but they are still preventing us from getting said items. I think.

Then again I just tried again and at 1200 rep was able to buy the weapon and equip it without crashing so maybe they did something.