Suply Depo?(When update?)


When we get Suply depo update?Its really important scopes. @JB.Scopely


It got update not that long a go also I’m comparing it to the update b4 that sr depot needs update more


30 day crate also needs update more than that same toons since it started in 2016


The 30 day crate would be easy to update. What needs to happen there is to create a new list of six old characters that would be ascended, one each month for six months. Put each of those toons in the updated crate and maybe also add Ulysses and an Aden. This would both increase old toon ascendance and sell more monthly passes. Then replace the crate every six months along with a new toon list.


And scavenger missions

And basic tokens

And war crates

To name a few more things that also are waaaay out of date with the current game economy


Dont forget prestige tokens. After waiting forever to do one pull you get a trash 4*


And none of this will happen. Ever.


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