Super long search


been searching since war started… going on 35 mins now…WTF SCOPES!


I feel ya. Only mine and another faction are searching, but can’t match because they changed the matchmaking based on rep and stuff. We only have 4 main active factions as it is!


Support works 24/7,

Also! It might be slow since it just started a bit ago. Keep us posted how it goes!

Thank you everyone!


Ikr my god we have. Bin sitting here for almost a half hour searching wtf


We haven’t seen a lot of reports yet. My region appears to be running smooth. What region are you in?


Houston region.

We have been searching for ~25 minutes.

Update: 1.5 hours in and the most matches any faction has completed is two.


At least you can sit in a queue mine cant even get past the sign up screen


Going on 25 min search in Bryan region


Finally paired after 32 min


Irwin region… 5 minutes and counting :frowning:


can they just for once not messing up anything?


And everyone was worried about launching a gear map on Sunday :wink:


My faction had a 25 min search but other factions in the region were matching fast. We went from first place to 4th just because of that…


Searching is just stupid. Averaging 30 minutes or more searching. What a way to spend a weekend for crap prizes. Never seen a company who thrives on constantly angering their customers.


why can’t we just for once have a normal, functional war!
They block posts for reporting cheaters, they never listen to feedback, and they go against all their promises, now they piss us more with a more broken war after fixing it for 4 months. What did they do in that 4 months, seriously?


Two hours of searching, what a joke


Searches are ridiculous and since it’s a known issue I can’t believe search times aren’t being monitored and despite the posts here it’s still not an issue because it hasn’t been reported a lot.


In Chilton we matched a fac and then immediately requed. The faction we had matched qued as well obviously. They found a match and FINISHED it and we were still searching. Then they que’d again and popped the same time ours just did. FORTY minutes.


Same problem in Grady


Urgh… Slow searching is unmotivating people to play. Please fix this. I wanna get my milestones and help win war for the team.