Super bonus offer

Anyone buy this offer yet? Care to share the next one ha!

not me and i would not buy it in a million year

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add one elite token get a one in a life time deal $14.99

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$$$ all about the money (probably for new people) thats nice $copley

Got this offer after I bought the first one. Wasn’t very impressed with the token pulls either :frowning_face:

My faction mate just bought it. His is 9.99 though.

and there $10 richer from making a 2 minute offer and putting super bonus offer

I’m sure there was way more than 2 people buying :joy::joy::joy:

there are lots of people why do you think they do ($$$)

That’s not the worst offer I’ve seen. Those tokens and free pulls are actually somewhat valuable at least.

Are they free pulls if you’re paying for them?

That said, looks like an alright deal to me, though you may want to wait for a better one.

So what is the SUPER MEGA BONUS!? I need to know what the third one is so that I can rush out and throw away more money on this game! I find it amazing that we can get a TENT TOKEN!!! WOW!!! Another 3* Carl!!! JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!! On top of that, in this AMAZING offer. I can pull a 3* Brush AXE!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!

The gift crate after the 3 bonus offers had 50k silver ascendable medals. Blah

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Nothing in there worth a dollar anymore unless you need cans

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