Sunday-Tuesday solo level up this month?


So CRW will only last from Friday-Sat and then an extra long borefest of a SLUT event. Just why?


Mother’s Day (USA)
We just didn’t want to schedule anything super exciting during that time and take away from the holiday.
Definitely feel free to share feedback though!!

CRW this weekend

We have had war extend into holidays like mothers day in the past with no issue. I can assure you people would prefer another day of war to another day of level ups


My birthday is the 8th, and my family is going out of town that weekend for mothers day/my birthday. So I appreciate not having anything too crazy important faction wise to do. :grin:


Is it that much of a holiday in the states? I mean we’ve had war over NYE and Survivial Road over Christmas Day yet we can’t have a bit of war on Mother’s Day?

I mean for some of us it is just any old Sunday in May…


American favouritism strikes again for us poor Europeans :confused:


The optimist in me is that this is a step in the right direction regarding events. I don’t think Mothers Day is as a big of a deal as Christmas, but having people choose between Mothers Day and war is bad. Having a level up is great idea since not a lot of time is needed in a level up.



But what about those who celebrate Freedom & Democracy Day in Chad? Or Senior Citizens Day in Kiribati? Why do they have to choose between their celebrations and the game?


Yeah, we have had faction events on holidays in the past. But maybe this is a starting point to change that, I agree it’s a never good thing to have to think in a way like, “I should postpone this event to fit in this game event” at least when it comes to holidays.


defend it all you want, but this negates the fact that we were told that the next CRW would run it’s normal friday-sun length


I don’t think Shane alone can cancel any event. But no, last time we went without war I didn’t like it, so going without war for 2 months would be terrible imo.


No this was the right thing to do.

Happy Mothers Day!


Maybe because those holidays are not North American based and this game is. There has to be a line somewhere.

I’m not fussed since Chinese New Years isn’t considered and it’s a major holiday.


It’s not even a holiday. Euros have been screwed yet again. Less than 1 day for a crw is stupid.


What’s the big deal? If Americans can’t war for a two hour lunch/dinner then other parts of the world or US can war. So silly.

I definitely remember warring on New Years weekend in the past.

@kalishane if your keeping this course, then consider switching crw and region war. Or two crw in a row. Region wars are HORRIBLE. Listen to the players.


Mothers day in the UK was in March, you didn’t cancel the events then, so why should we cancel them now for you?


Is Mother’s Day a holiday? Sucks to have it on a Sunday where (most) are off work anyway.

I get this is American, and they should draw the line. I’m just being sarcastic.

Busy showing your mum some appreciation? Good for you, enjoy some time away from the screen. But why should the rest of us be penalised when war times already penalise the hell out of non-Amercians?


Because duh. Here is the world. Here it is revolving around the USA



But . . . . . . but I am not a mother and I want to war!!


And I AM a mother, and would also like to war.