Summer Wheel Breakdown

Okay, let’s get this over with.


  • Her Adrenaline Rush is okay, nothing great. Taunt for 3 turns to 2 is okay I guess. Though this is nothing even close to comparable to someone like Ryan.
  • Active Skill is not worth using I’d say, healing only 35% HP to self and heal impair only to 2 is bad.
  • Leader Skill is pretty bad, F2P don’t have any defensive reds and greens in their roster, so this will be pretty useless.
  • The weapon on her is really good, I guess.

Overall Rating: 5/10


  • His AR is pretty okay, AP drain and impair to 3 is good, but it’s only downside is impair only lasts for 1 turn
  • Horrible active skill
  • Neutralize is an amazing specialist skill, especially after the buff.
  • His weapon is pretty good.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10


  • His adrenaline rush would be great… If it wasn’t 85 AP. If it was 76, this toon would be great.
  • Horrid Active Skill
  • Execution is… Okay. It’s good for huge HP toons, but that’s it.
  • His weapon is good, but that’s the same for every toon on the wheel…

Overall Rating: 6/10


  • Her AR is horribly mediocre. Healing heal reduction isn’t that useful since I myself have never seen any defense team use it, the rest of her AR is average for a healer I guess…
  • This Active Skill is incredibly useless, for the time it takes it should’ve at least done more than just revive 2.
  • Neutralize is good, once again.
  • Good weapon, like every other toon on the wheel.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10

5 Star Tokens

  • This is a joke, the minimum amount needs to be 10k for this to be worthwhile.

Dog Plushies

  • These probably drop in small amounts for a horrible toon, not worth it.

Wheel Rating: 4/10
This is only good for new F2P. Anyone else isn’t getting anything worthwhile, this isn’t what F2P need Scopely.


And yes, this was made as a response to people calling me a troll.

I’m gonna pretend you didnt just rate kal higher then Pamela


but you are a troller

He’s barely better than Pamela, I just don’t see the use in her at all. If you can show me maybe I’ll change the rating.

Why do you think that? I genuinely do not believe any of these toons are worth a damn.

furrys troll and also you say kal is better than denise and also


Better and faster rush, tanky leader skill, better weapon.


I was busy this weekend + I didn’t have motivation to war

It doesn’t matter if she on her own is good really, F2P have no good toons to sync with her is my issue.


I could use pamela, ryker, denise

But the real problem isnt how shit they are, its the .5% chance to get one. And we all know .4999% of that chance is Kal


I’ve used Ryker, he’s okay. He could honestly easily be replaced by something just a bit better.

Yea, i still prefer guaranteed damage of maim and bleed lol. He can be a beast in nightmare SR thought

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These toons are good, the pathetic odds are the big problem with this wheel.

These toons are good until you compare them to any promo in the last 4 months

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Oi, so @Aeris doesn’t say what you want to hear. That doesn’t make them a troll for breaking down something and speaking thier thoughts on it.

We all do it. Some see more use for a toon then others, but that’s because honestly, no matter how trashy a toon could be someone will find a use, or have sentimental value attached to it.


Yes, like @Dr.Mekar has sentimental attachment to 4 star Allen

Pamela is one of the best defensive leads in the game.


How come I never see her then?

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Ummm she was the meta before Elle. Pamela, negan Olivia was very common. Now she will be the meta again for those who pulled wayland.

When we warred AP two wars in a row she was 7/8 Everytime.