Summer Tokens This Level up?

Both Romanov in the museum and the summer wheel are expiring in 7 hours, why are they still the rewards?


scopely does it again lolz

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This is correr?

The lvl up rewards change?

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I came here to post this exact question. The wheel ends in less than 7 hours.

Yeah about that.

Keep surviving.


Worst quality control and communication ever…


New stash or museum collection most likely coming up for summer tokens and plushies

Lmao!! theyre sooo out of touch with their own game is hilarious

I am so annoyed with this summer tokens have been a total waste of time

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely hi please reply our questions…

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Ridiculous… first to still give the tokens as rewards when they know they’ll be expired, and also to allow such a short time from the last even end, until the wheel and collection expire.

I know one person who went to sleep a few hours ago and won’t be in game til tomorrow afternoon. So the raid rewards that are in her inbox will already be useless. You’d think they’d have learned from the many other times they’ve screwed up just like this…smh

Can you please address these asap

Lol 7 char

Where’s the answer? Wheel ends in 4 ish hours yet rewards are still summer tokens, hellooo

Gonna change them to new wheel tokens or what, kinda need to know



LMAOO, this is how you know Scopely doesn’t check in on their game.

But in all seriousness…
@GR.Scopely Are my plushies going to be converted or sent to the void?

They’re off now. So they’re probably not going to answer until tomorrow. Just saying. Looks like we’re stuck.

See there now it is prolonged

They’ve basically started a new wheel for the same tokens because tokens I had accidentally not collected have converted to supply points which sucks. Why not just extend the current wheel instead? Another Scopely fail.