Summer token wheel

So I already pulled enough dogs to get the collection just did another ten pulls and got all dogs but for one which was 5* tokens and you can only collect the romo collection once so why is it that we are able to still pull the dogs on the wheel when we get nothing at all for them this isn’t right this has happened to me on the last beach ball wheel to and we got no compensation wtf scopely @JB.Scopely


A shame you have to read random blogs to get info instead of having an official post from them.

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That’s so true and this happened last event why is it happening again but yet those new promos keep coming out on time and those new offers keep popping up but yet when it comes to making things right for there player base they do nothing but stall and hope that we will forget about the last screw up they never made up for because we get another glitch bug that screws us out of something

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