Summer Token Wheel Early Expiration [08/26]

Hello Survivors,

We are currently aware of this issue where the Summer Token Wheel will expire before all events that award those tokens could grant them.

As a consequence, the wheel will be reset to end at the same time as the last event that awards the tokens. A side effect of the wheel reset is that all Summer Tokens will convert to Purple Tokens. Therefore, we will be sending these tokens back to players within 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience.


Patience running low i have to say


When is quality control going to get better?


The wheel and collection now expire 12 hours after level up. Why not give people a minimum of a day to claim their tokens or plush dogs?


So much for things getting better is there a day goes by where there isn’t a Fck up


@GR.Scopely thanks :slight_smile:

I am assuming these are the summer tokens that have been converted into supply points?

Sorry but it might just be me that is a little confused :blush:


Would be nice if this includes people who got supply points instead but I have a feeling it will only be for people who still had the tokens in their inbox after the first wheel ended.

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I sincerely hope not.

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Supply tokens here too.



The quality control here is outclassed by McDonald’s.


Omg… Same here…
I just got converted to SD markers…
Just to be clear… Putting another Romanov in the museum its little outrageous… In my opinion… I personally don’t want 3rd Romanov in my roster.
So would be nice to get something more useful. I’m staying with 10k chihuahua and I don’t really know which way to go now… This whole event is waste of time.
Seriously little better planning next time…


They didnt put another in is not 2/2 takes
They restarted the hole event for 2 days and the romanov by mistake become pullable again.
People that havent taking out the first cant take out two.


After all the continuous mess ups that seem to happen on a daily basis right now, I have yet to see you or JB apologise to the user base. Remarkable lack of respect to your players.

I wonder if you and the team would ‘keep surviving’ if those funds the customers spend would happen to dry up? :thinking:


Wait… if the wheels expires with the events rewarding the tokens, how will we have time to pull?

Edit: Checked in Game and saw a 12 hour difference of tournament ending before wheel

But doesn’t change the fact the words are misleading. Granular details are key


is 12h plus

+1 to them. How are the mushrooms btw?

Way down the stummach thanks for asking

All I know… There is second Romanov waiting in the museum… I got one already… That makes it two…
With summer tokens beeing converted already I cannot even pull one more chihuahua… :joy:
All that for nothing… Scolpely did a bad job one more…

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