Summer Salvage Map

Seems like the most rewarding path is to run act 3 twice and act 2 once.

day 3 -> act 3
day 6 -> act 3
day 7 -> act 2


you have to do act 1 to unlock act 2 to unlock act 3 so that won’t work

Given that you are only given 140 black hammers for free, the most cost-efficient method (That I’ve quickly assessed) for resources is to do Act 1-3 once, and Act 1 twice.

It takes 102 hammers to complete Act 1-3, which leaves 38 black hammers. Given that the roadmap is likely up for 7 days, but you only get enough hammers to complete Act 1-3 on the 6th day, it seems like you should do:

Act 1: Day 1-5
Act 1-3: Day 6
Act 1: Day 7

The Day 6/7 are interchangeable as long as you get one Act 1 completion done in days 1-5. Correct me if I’m wrong.


ahh hell youre right, I think I chose to ignore that lol

so you get 1 run through the map and another act 1. 1100 cards in total. better than a poke in the eye I guess

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Carl would agree.

Confirming these numbers - just worked out the exact same thing and came on here to share but can see you’d already done - thanks!

So max 12 boxes (1 then 1+3+6 then 1). Not bad. As long as your game doesn’t reset mid stage like mine did in the similar event recently that gave trader boxes :-/ Support were super helpful of course /s

I had that happen during the Deck of Cards event… lost a blowtorch as such.

And yup, support were super helpful. /s

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