Summer Beach Bash Event Doubt calendar

wasn’t this a programmer event for today?

Calender says it should have started 7 minutes ago

It should’ve started 8 minutes ago .

Late as usual. :neutral_face:

Was just gonna ask about this

I believe they canceled this event, as usual of this great company

Expect a world nrg can and an apology.

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Good. Enough events running already I don’t need to sell my life’s worth of time to scopely just to be able to complete everything everyday.


and the event?

It’s over 1 & 1/2 hours late. Wonder if someone forgot to push the button.

Hey @WalkerTexasRanger & @TayTron what happened to this event that’s on the calendar?

Scopely communication at it’s finest


I think the pay wall was not large enough. They needed to bring in some day laborers to make it higher and they are not done with it yet.

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In game calendar states it’s been delayed by a day.

TayTron confiremd on Discord it’s delayed for one day…

this event has been updated for tomorrow

Maybe they should update this on the forum’s.

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And here I thought the beach bash was renamed to trainer frenzy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The real question is why it was delayed.

Too make sure it is bug free and perfect release. Lmao

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Well the trainer event is a huge let down. I hope that gets scrapped and never to return. 3* - 5* trainers should drop regularly per stage on world/rm stages.

But yet no one wants to agree on this. Why is that?


I doubt that honestly.