Summary of Todays Feedback

We’ve had an extremely active day here on the forums in the form of lively discussion.
In order for some great feedback to not go unnoticed, a few of us from #playersunited have decided to put together this summary. By no means is this exhaustive. We are fallible, we have bias. What’s been chosen to be highlighted here is not everything that has been shared, but just a snapshot. It is largely to do with the Players Council.

We got an official update on the Players Council finally, and apparently the high-level topics they’ll be covering are:

As these are the topic points, we divided our summary the same.

Communication Approach
-Players Council: huge topic today. More people came forward. Some worthwhile concerns and feedback were raised about this particular topic.

  • Not representative of player base
  • Slow Council update from Scopely
  • Existence of NDA

Ongoing Gameplay Updates and Topics,
Content Refresh and Ongoing QOL Updates

New Gameplay Experiences (Ie arenas) and S Class

Final quote of the day:

Please feel free to add any other concerns or suggestions for the players council and/or scopely to be made aware of. Players united is not dead, and we want everyone to feel heard.



I like this, it’s a nice recap of what shit show has occurred each day


Alot of effort to summarize… Thank you.


Why can’t Scopely employees go through thread and collect what issues need resolving by Scopely? Surely would ensure non bias, it’s their job so they are getting paid and now it seems the issue of the Players Council is just another issue to be addressed and is sidelining the others


Im hoping that by people sharing their concerns now about the existence of PC and how they were chosen will go a long way in
A) reestablishing the need for PU
B) improving communication with playerbase -> PC -> Scopely and vice versa

PC isnt our enemy, they’re our fellow players who want the best for the game but are currently constrained by rules imposed by Scopely. We should stay hopeful


Thank you for taking your time to do this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Great summary.

I’d actually rather have #PU represent us than JB’s VIPs.


Great recap. I want the Council to work, but there’s easily potential for it not to work, or work counterproductively to the wider aims. None of this is on the Councillors themselves, merely how Scopely chooses to run it.

In my opinion it will only be worth if it is the Player’s Council with an apostrophe. The Players have to feel represented by it and they have to be in the know just how they’re being represented. This includes openness and communication. So far Scopely have failed on this front. Some have been criticised for focusing on the selection process. Why? It’s the first step in their new policy of greater communication and it’s been as secretive as ever. The update post was short, although I can accept that as a beginning post. It needs to be followed up with a specific and detailed description of what was suggested, what actions will be taken and why certain requests have been rejected. Not everyone’s going to agree but at least they will know the rationale.

As I’ve said previously, Scopely has to take the initiative here and keep a regularly updated blog or thread on deliberations. Don’t leave anyone fishing for information, or the Council isn’t working and the promise isn’t being upheld.

And love the final quote @snichols :wink: But the point stands. To everyone reading, don’t forget to represent yourselves in whatever channels you prefer best. Don’t give Scopely an easy ride by leaving it to a tiny section of the playerbase. They offered greater communication, make sure that works for you.


@snichols is just simply the best. Sorry @Parker your a close second though :wink:

Second?? I didn’t want you on the Council anyway.

:joy::joy::joy:. Your still my first vote for the PC.

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Tweet storm in the forum

Maybe we can push for a council amendment to add 5-10 COMMUNITY appointed members? Maybe even members voted upon by #PU? Seems it would go a long ways towards making the PC more palatable to the community at large.

Let me be the first to cast my vote for @Parker. He ABSOLUTELY should be the F2P rep. Clear cut choice, imho.


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @snichols @Bane @Brucey @Sleepless @Stasha @Zanwich @Conquest @ whoeverthefackcanmakeitso


Lol, I never applied for PC, i have my hands full with players united :blush:

But i do agree @Parker would be a great choice for a community elected member




YAS!!! @Parkers Parkas for PC!! How many people need to keep posting this till it gets done?!?

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely
@LadyGeek @Bane @Gov @Zanwich @Jboogie @Mark @Conquest (I forget who else came out)

PS - If we make the synopsis do we get a free @Parkers #PUparka?? Just sayin’.


But all kidding aside, @Parker, @snichols, @Stasha - all should’ve been invited - and @LadyGeek said PC was short folks so why not include them now??

I’m just sat here wondering how the world likes me now all of a sudden


Also, since I’m already stumping for folks…Though I do TOTALLY believe the ratio of elite to regular players is COMPLETELY disproportionate to the actual player base, it does seem crazy that the other top teams could have multiple peeps but TTT not be in there.
And @Rickygrimes helps folks on the Forum consistently for ages.


^^^ @Rickygrimes isn’t getting his fair share of credit either. I’ve always liked his opinions and he’d have been one of my top choices for it.

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