Sugguestion for the PC to raise this with scopely

To the members of PC and anyone else linked to scopley…

At the next meeting can you guys raise all these needless and unecceaasry collections! This current style of collect this to get that to trade for this to get that is annoying and at times frankly confusing. It’s messy. Appreciate some may like or enjoy it but know a lot don’t.

Case in point current harvest festival event where issues from get go and ongoing issues with green leaf - Not that I want or will buy these I’ve had not seen any offers making it impossible for me to complete the other missions even if wanted to.
Let’s not even raise the scrabble letter fiasco that spectaculary backfired.

May I suggest a back to basics approach in simplifying events. Actually make them engaging… look at historical events that players loved and went all out in. Also by doing this the screw ups and gates may be avoidable.

I’ve played the game from pretty much the start, I have an do occasionally spend if there is an offer that I consider worthwhile and have no problem in doing so again. Love or loathe scopely they need revenue to continue with the game.

If make events grindable but fun and not a chore whereby have to be on 24 hours for 3 months I almost gurentee profits can be made through relevant and reasonable offers. Likewise actually reward players treat us as the loyal customers we are and again watch profits increase through activity… never know may even get former players back and new players invested.

@Parker @lady @GR.Scopely

  1. We need S-Class collectables to be more accessible through more events.

  2. We need torches to be more accessible as well through all events similar to S-Class collectables.

  3. Better communication about events and future S-Class events

  4. A proper gear event like the ones at the start of the six star era where you could grind for the items you need without using items you have gained.

  5. instead of adding new events improve old ones to make them better and more enjoyable.


Is there even anyone left in the council


Yeah I think so the only active one on here is @Parker

Hi. Lol

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They said they were intentionally moving the game to a shared based collection system so unfortunately I dont think the museum will go away. I agree though more sclass collectibles, more torches, more sclass gear is needed

I’m not against collection’s per say or variations linked to musuem. I’m against convoluted ones with numerous aspects… get this to play that to get this to get that for chance at this for that.

what’s wrong with it being more direct? Play this map collect these trade for that…

The gold for knives is alright. Straight forwards.

Even the sclass format of collect items for each toon and torch map - although fully fully would be argue for more avenues to get them and more of them even if a marginal increase to say 50 over 30…

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Looks like a proud member as well

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