Suggestions wanted on crates, bags and 4stars

I still have 42 crates and 109 bags from the pathways event left to open. My roster is 830 max (until SC club expires) and is usually around the 800 mark. I have an insane amount of 4 stars, some dating back years. I am in need of Lilliths that will be in some of the bags and am intrigued as to whether I have any coins in the crates.

So I have a few questions on which option people think is the best way forward:
A) Stay around 800 and use bags/crates when needed, this is currently what I have been doing.
B) Depot or use 4stars in level ups (which?), open a few bags and crates to get back to 800ish.
C) Open everything and ensure a TG is running for the next few months until I have space back again.
D) Open bags (but keep some crates in reserve) and use them to level and ascend 4 stars in the hope that I pull an ascendable. If this one is the case, which trait should I aim for?

Open all your crates first then see what you have and depot al 4 stars. Why save them?

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I was saving them in case I ever regret not doing option D. Your suggestion, a cross between B and C is what I’m tempted to do as it requires the least effort. D would be monumental one time effort, A and B requires consistent upkeep with levelling to ensure it stays under 830, C requires effort to ensure the TG doesn’t run dry.
Just opening all and sacking off survivors and the TG until its all cleared is definitely the most tempting.

I went with what you said, but haven’t depoted the 4s yet.

Anyhow after 90 crates and around 200 bags altogether from the event, I managed to claim 1 lot of Lilliths (none from this 109), 2 lots of mods and 0 coins. Pretty shoddy luck right there.

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Open then up and keep training grounds going. Really no difference, xp is xp whether it comes from trainers or two stars.


Aye just did. Just gotta keep on top of that training ground. Got 3 more, so thats 2 chances if I forget.

Should I depot my 4s or try for Eric/Donny? Or any other toon suggestions to try for if I go down that route?

Lol. I actually used a lot of hurt to ascend four stars for Donnie… he’s still MIA. SMH.

Lol fair play. May just depot them then

Nah, it’s certainly worth a try. Burt’s will be flooding your roster.

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I run 2 tg, 1 legendary and another one that uses only either glove or shirt. Keep piling the latter (I never let it go under 3days).

I sell all my 3 and 4 star toons

I opened crates but left bags unopened

I stop at the 500k milestone in LU since rewards are not worth it (mainly rely on YGL)

Currently around 2.5k/450 roster space

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I have never run legendary since I’ve seen on here that it rarely nets a 5. Have you found it worth it?

I may can a few world energys to get to the 3 day mark. Currently running soldiers I think for the chances at Burts.

I’ve been thinking the same about LUs until they change these awful token rewards. Thinking about just hitting the 1.1M for the cans as I’m low on SR Road cans.

That last one was meant to be a reply to you not @Rickygrimes

This is what I have…

Legendary just to use food from farms since I don’t manually level up.

I use weapons training because it uses only gloves. When i run out of gloves I do another training ground that uses shirts.

They will build up quickly, but you need to burn a few cans at the beginning

headshot headshot

Excellent, will do that, cheers for the advice @Karl_Vella @Rickygrimes @clandestine

I won’t be able to do Legendary as I’ll have to let the soldiers run down before I do a gloves and need 1 for shirts after and 1 more to access them all. That’s alright though as I put my food into health cans anyway.

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I couldn’t wait lol. I opened all, and I’m using my Bennie army to finish leveling some ascendables, ascend those who have been waiting for fodder, and try to get some ascendables from 4*s (to this date I haven’t had one come from there… But hope is everlasting right?

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