Suggestions regarding war crates


It’s been said before, but I’d really like to see basic tokens and sd points replaced in war crates. War cans, elite item tokens, ascension medals, territory cans, Sr cans… any number of items would be great replacements.

I think i speak for many when i say that i have a HUGE supply of basic tokens that i’ll never ever use. Please remove this wasteful reward.


I would be happy to see larger amounts of supply depot points like 500, 1000, 2000 etc. Especially since 5*, toons are 50k. War/sr/territory cans would be nice. Replace Burts with Bradys or basil. Increase chances for Aden and add Ulysses. Any tokens should be given in a higher amount. Completely agree with removing basic tokens.


If they would just remove 1* from the basic tokens they would be much more valuable, but I fully support them taking them out for something better