Suggestions on weapon for Rick Grimes

What else should I do to this weapon guys? Add attack? Try for huge? Change second to defense or something?

I’d personally try for +40 attack


Thanks, Plagueis! He is already such a killer too!

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Using it on defence? Huge probably doesn’t give enough benefit as he’ll still fill up after two rounds.

On attack, chuck it out and start again (sarcasm). Absolute defence on a beast of a toon like Rick is a waste of a slot on attack. You want huge, attack and attack special like so

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What’s your damage output on attack with rick and the weapon?

Big, I guess. I dunno. My Rick is sitting at T2 almost maxed and has been out scavenging some AR upgrades so haven’t put them both together.

I can tell you a similar weapon on Governor is devastating

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Autos? Whaddaya mean?

Where does that term come from?

Anyway, yeah, only works with basic attacks. My Governor, with a similar weapon (33% and 30% when HP>70%) and similar attack stat will donas much as 1k damage with a basic attack behind Mirabelle lead. Assume this Rick will do the same.

I’m averaging 600-800 attack hits on normal attacks, 700-1200+ on AR. My Rick is stuck at Tier 2 until I obtain a hand crank radio.

That is just with using the weapon u have for rick from the ss? Me personally I would use bonus ap weapons on attack. I think what u have is good for defense long as u add huge ap when attacking.

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I’m currently using him as a defender for now, seeing how he does with other absolute defense yellows of mine, including Aris. I’m winning half of my battles. Yeah, I’m torn on what I’m gonna do. He benefits greatly from attack of course, but he’s going off every other turn already, so I dunno what to do about that second stat just yet.

Oh and I must add, he’s nowhere near where I need him to be as his AR and Actives haven’t been upgraded yet.

I think u can get away with his rush being low leveled if u have others who need it more 78 ap and 450 damage is ok imo till you got more to spare I dont imagine him being the real mvp in a team just a great addition. His active skill you not missing out on anything.

He has a machete.
It’s called Ricks Machete its a 3* weapon BUT
I put absolute def on it and 30 def its a charm on him or replace it with a huge bonus to ap when attacking he will be a 1 turn ar


You don’t need to bring negativity to the thread I asked a question I got a smart ass remarks about it and i was new to the game not everything is perfect so please mellow out :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I would go for 40 atk

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