Suggestions for the team

Some war ideas I thought I would bounce off the community.

Most ideas are based around the thought that no 2 wars are ever the same.

War Towers

  • towers should be randomized every war

  • an ambush tower - when this tower is captured there is a medium chance when defending you could ambush during the raid

  • hp tower - added hp when attacking and or defending

  • hp tower v2 - when this tower is aquired for x(mins) 10% of your total tank health will be replenished

  • score tower - while this tower is aquired score 2 times the amount of personal points or war points

  • minus def or attack tower - while this tower is aquried the opposing team will have a -25% to attack or def

Enviromental Effects

During the scouting screen the player would be told what the effects where for this war (again random) also have the effects shown in the tower screen

1 - no change
2- a heavy dence fog ( range characters now have a medium chance to miss during raids)
3- sniper alley ( melee characrers now have a medium chance to miss during raids)
4- virus increase ( for this one 6 star dog tags need to be increased)( the zombie virus has become stronger causing a dog tag cap)

Tower Ghosting

Now we all do it but why not just treat a tower like a territory if there is no team in the tower just have it overrun by walkers again. Just like in territoires.

So have effects and random towers each war would be different, not just grab this one tower and kill

I like the idea of an ambush tower, actually. But I guarantee it would not be well received. Just like ambushes themselves weren’t

I like the idea of randomizing towers for each individual war. Would love to see some other effects as opposed to the +30 att

I agree maybe have a small chance so like 15% chance

I like this concept. War would be a helluva lot more exciting if some aspects were randomised.

Different towers would be great. I run a green heavy melee usually but this last war used a ranged offense.

40% Mirabelle
30% general tower.
30% tough tower.
30-40% weapons.

+331% buff to attack in some cases. Auto x3 and laugh as rounds finish in seconds.