Suggestions for the game to make more better


1] Please add Daily rewards in the main screen like other games so we can easily claim our rewards for login in daily

2] At present screen is turn off based on our settings in the device settings. Please make it like other games so we play very well



They already have daily login doe…


But hard to find


3 is great :ghost:


Qué le ponga premios, hitos , metas a masacre de fracciones…y que hagan más eventos con posibilidades reales de 6*, no como el evento de Halloween que salen 4* inutiles


It pops up every day


:grin::grin: I was about to tell but I forgot


Yeah I noticed that
You know about another hidden daily rewards. It’s a token but it doesn’t pop up in everyday we needs to go for it by pressing where to find option


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