Suggestions for Harper

Just wanna know if she is still useful even though Gen 2 six stars are out. Also, what mods you put for her. Feel free to flex your Harper too.


All I’ve been getting for months is dupes.
Harper won’t join my team :sweat:

I am Very happy about her! Definitely one of the best chars :slight_smile:


Best p2w chars*

She is more than useful and likely will be far into the gen2 and maybe even gen3. Id probably mod her with crit chance on a defense set. Id want her to disarm and rush as much as possible. So probably crit and ap bonus on her weapon. Once she rushes the other teams basically done for anyway so she doesnt need to hit as hard.

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Thanks for the advice

Just be sure to run some hard hitters to really set up destruction. A green alpha and a kate are a great start in my opinion as kate buffs and gives focus, while alpha can hit the middle and wipe up after harper and kate go off

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This is my michonne setup. Her rush isnt as devestating as harpers so I dont worry about it much.

I have both Michonne and Harper. Would make a nice team together if I had Carl (Blue)

She’s useful.But I’m going to depo mine.Defense mods on her are nice.

im gonna love this setup


Need a toon that gives focus


That blue maggie we all had a chance for

No crit chance mod?? Do some of yall actually play the game :grin:

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Depot 7.

Some of us play and some of us PlAY!


I looked straight passed her and went for her weapon lol


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Shes awesome use her instead of ty shes round 2 ar and helps a ton

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