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Dear @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely, Players Council (@LadyGeek @Conquest)

I was hoping that we may be able to get something put into the game to make things more convenient.

I am the lead of a multicultural faction who have a lot of members that speak different languages. We have a large contingent of Japanese players that only speak Japanese as well as those of us who only speak English. We also have had some Spanish and Russian members that only speak their native tongues as well.

I try my best to recruit and converse with players using Google translate as I’m not well versed in other languages unfortunately, however it does take quite some time to do so with the app.

I was hoping that Scopely may take some time to implement a system like that which is available in Rise of Kingdoms.

This game has an in built translator that makes it really easy to converse with players of different nationalities and makes the faction experience a lot better. You can recruit easier and enjoy more comraderie with active members.

I understand it would be a lot of work, and it is not perfect, but I think it would help factions to recruit more and become more diverse. Just a thought.


The only issue I would see is so many different dialects and things could be lost in the translations or things could be translated incorrectly and end up being offensive. Ita definitely not a small task

That’s true but it would be really handy. If you have played rise of Kingdoms you would see how useful it is!

The only translates I’ve ever seen in game translate very strangely (or everyone else writes nonsense, which I find hard to believe).

Kershaw seems to have been overtaken by Turkish speakers in the last couple of weeks. Fortunately I do randomly have a smattering of Turkish (admittedly not stretching to an advanced vocabulary about zombies and war). but that’s not the point.

I don’t have a problem with players switching regions but there is a more fundamental problem about how you communicate with them once they’ve moved. Maybe the real question is why players don’t want to play in a region that is set up for their language and deliberately move out of it.

Why do they want to move for a game so reliant on faction communication somewhere where they are at a language disadvantage? if that was addressed and tackled it might solve a lot of the other problems in the game.

Even if it has its flaws the chat translator in Rise if Kingdoms do serve as a good support. At least you have a shot at talking to people :blush:

But I think it would require a whole different game coding so I doubt it’s even possible.


@Bun - I like the idea and will put this on the Quality of Life lists for the team to review.



Actully only a question of money and interface
As always is companys then sell this software to developers.
like these for exemple

Thanks @GR.Scopely, I have really enjoyed meeting people through RTS that do not speak my native language and it has actually encouraged me to learn some new languages. Having the translator would, in my opinion, make it easier for others to perhaps do the same.

@Jojo29 fair point you raise, I know Google translate is a bit rough translating most languages and won’t pick up on slang or colloquialisms, but as @JessicaRabbit mentioned it is helpful for getting the gist in most cases. For our faction, having a multicultural base has allowed us to keep competitive and have a night crew for wars, which is great. So if we could get something built in, it could be helpful!

I know that but in those games where I have seen it, the interface just looks very different. But of course anything is possible if the will is there, and I really do think it would serve as a welcomed feature for many.

@GR.Scopely it might also solve some of the chat disconnecting issues if the whole thing got an overhaul? :blush:

you dont like when you have to write your perfect joke twice

I don’t like to repeat myself in general :wink:


Not worth it to implement such feature into this current chat interface. People easily forget most of the game data and code is years old and every new addition will cause problems. Also this game already sucks immense data and energy from the battery just by playing.

It’s not that bad compared to other newer games. I always found RTS pretty light weight when it came to battery use.

I do agree with you that it might be to complex for the current coding hence my first response. But it doesn’t change the fact that I think it would be a welcomed feature at least to many players. And it links to the social aspect which is huge in RTS and why so many still stick around.

We will see I guess :blush:

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If you play a few wars with a not so new phone you will notice how much energy it drains. Also when chatting in generally it sucks more of your battery than the usual gaming because of its always connecting to servers since their chat bot nonsense update. At least that’s what I’ve noticed in the past.

Anyway, there is no need to add more new features to the game when there is still so much old stuff that needs a revamp. I doubt their programmers are even able to implement this without updating the whole game code.

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