Suggestion upgrading two 90s to new s class

How about a way to bridge the gap between ftp and pay players is give an upgrade path for two existing 90s to be upgraded to a s class version of those two (and consume the two 90s).

These upgraded toons should have improved stats and skills as per current s class, obviously reduced compared to premium s class but gives the ftp a fighting chance.

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See thts the thing sclass and veterans rings should have never been implemented. Closing the gap between f2p and spenders is dam near impossible, would take a miracle to happen. But will be amusing see them them try though

its good if this happens, so people buying the s class toons now can stop spending and just ascend normal 6* that they alrdy have!

scopely should think about implementing something like this to close the gap, never mind the revenues from s class pulls

Ok this is really funny

Is it too soon to ask if all 6stars will be made into S-Class?

Well considering if that policy was adopted, it’d take about until the Sun expands into a red giant and swallows Earth into nothingness, it’s probably best you get the recommendation in early so they can get cracking


does this matter because the smart players have already left and the almost smart players like me will be done on 27 of september when promises are left out in the cold and only the unsmart will be left to see if this happens

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