Suggestion to decrease negative feedback


Hello folks, just got a quick suggestion to give Scopely to maybe decrease the amount of negative feedback they receive from us.

The suggestion is that there should be an official poll set up or questionnaire made up by @kalishane or someone that listens to our suggestions and gather feedback from us to see what we want in the game we all love and enjoy.
With the current events this weekend being a Solo lvl up and a Faction raid tournament I’m sure people have noticed how much frustration and negative feedback that has been said which shows that Scopely clearly haven’t learnt to listen to the players as if they had the feedback would be positive.
The poll/questionnaire would solve this issue for prizes/milestones as it would give Scopely an idea on what the majority of players look to work for when participating in events as if people are wanting the rewards that are shown they’re more likely to spend more money to win which will make the competition more fun aswell as Scopely making money.
The people that give negative feedback on the forums are not usually wanting to talk crap about the game but are trying to tell Scopely to wake up before they lose their playerbase which has been losing “OG” players because of the lack of effort to satisfy us. As well as wanting their moneys worth.

As Bill Gates said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” so use us to make the game great again!


Nice topic bro, UP


Thanks, hoping its taken on board as I think it could give the game the boost it needs to close the gap between the players and Scopely


I don’t know what you’re referring to @BabYagun but I do agree that they need to listen to the requests from players more often.


Scopely don’t care about our feedback, they only care about our money.



I regularly get questionnaires in-game. Scopely are either not getting the responses or they are just ignoring them.


Aww I love this Pernix. I know the surveys we have in game really help with this. Alongside your feedback too. But, a questionnaire helps i’m sure!

My boss and I really want to put something together like this – I’ve just been chugging along in here gathering the info so far. It’s a lot to keep up with. We’ll find a way to streamline it better.


Cool glad to hear this you haven’t shut my idea down lol. It would be beneficial for both sides sure no information is lost and all views are given by players and not just the vocal ones.


Scopely do a good job decreasing negative feedback in those surveys in that if u answer the 1st question negatively they dont allow u to continue with the survey.


Haha very true @Cassanova to me those serveys were always a waste of time as full opinions were never given the chance to be voiced


Yea they are bro, there stupid. They avoid negativity by taking ur right to give negative feedback away from you, just because u dont like what their doing. They cut u off.


Not at all actually!

I work closely with this department and they’re definitely a player advocate. We voice concerns together as a united front in any case regarding player sentiment. :slight_smile:


Every single survey ive ever started. Regardless of how many questions there was meant to be, after answering the 1st question negatively it has not allowed me to continue with the survey. How can the results of surveys be accurate, and more importantly how can u make changes, if u wont accept negative feedback.


@kalishane I can’t speak for all surveys, but the most recent 3 question pop up asks something like, “How do you like Road to Survival?” I replied somewhat dissatisfied in hopes I could have a follow up question to explain. Instead of two more questions, the survey just ended! How can this be a way to get feedback if it stops when someone says dissatisfied? I’m not trying to be negative, I just want to express frustrations directly to the source.


I’m going to be completely honest here, I haven’t seen a difference at all between Shane and the last guy. :l


The in game surveys help???
Is it because of the fact people can’t do them without saying it’s awesome? You do know that if someone puts a negative at the start it, 1. Closes 2. Says thank you without going further.
I mean you read the forums right? This has been brought up multiple times, right?


I’ve never heard of this!

I will investigate!


This has been a common complaint among players for months. It’s become common knowledge that you can’t take a survey if you answer the first question with a dissatisfied answer.


I figured it out!

It’s an error where the survey states it’s a 3-question survey but it’s only a 1 question survey. It’s a typo or bug.

It’s not actually ending early for you.

He’s fixing it!


So Scopely’s biggest issue is again attention to detail and inaccuracy. We’ve brought up many, many times over the years that we have real issues over Scopely’s very poor attention to detail.