Suggestion: Take the cap off of mod scraps during SR tournaments


So much material goes to waste during the Survival Road tournaments, particularly if you compete for a top spot. Unlike food which you can bank, there’s only so much you can do with the excess material. As it is, you have no choice but to forfeit it. We’re talking millions of units here, units that would be much better used to convert to scraps. The best way to reward players who expend their Survival energy working toward a top spot for themselves or their faction would be to remove the scrap cap.

I’d be in favor of removing it entirely but the least you can do is remove it during tournaments.

Throw us a bone here guys.


Craft elegant incenses or grenades.


Those items have too short of a turnaround time to be worth it. You’ll end up with a thousand grenades you’ll never use and never be able to take the materials out to scrap.

Eliminating the cap would be a better reward.


While removing the cap would be best you know they won’t. There is a reason they put it in place to begin with.

Just like the replenish you can sell the grenades and other items made with wood for half back. It’s better than nothing.


Many of us are sitting on hundreds of millions worth of materials, so the removal of the trade in limit only gets replaced by the 130k max scrap limit.

But it also massively devalues scrap as a reward, and that’s one of the main reasons they won’t do this.


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