Suggestion: Share extra collectables


It’s too late for this event but I think it would be great to be able to have a Faction museum where any overages individuals collect can pool up for other members to use.

This Dwight & Ak event is a perfect example, I collected everything I needed before this last lvl up and had extra.

I would rather my extra pieces of vests / barbs / rifle parts go into a faction shared pot for others to top up their own stash than have them converted to tokens.

Some of my faction mates are just painfully short of one or the other (or both) at no fault of their own.

Share the wealth.

@kalishane thoughts?


Great idea


Everyone wins.


I think that’s lovely.

I’m not sure if we could do it but, that would be nice for Faction members. :slight_smile:
I will add it to the list of suggestions.


I like the idea of sharing with faction members, but the hacking needs to be controlled first. Otherwise the cheating will be far worse


Sadly you are correct, every balance needs a counter balance.

All it would take is one person hacking and the rest of the faction could sleep through event…

However it would make them accomplices to the hack so all would be guilty by association



Someone having a legit account and a second hacked account can transfer all loot to themselves or other faction members without risking getting banned. And just keep making new accounts.

Whales or people with hacks can sell gear online and jump to a faction for the event and then leave after the event.

Trading just doesn’t make sense in this game at all


Excellent point