Suggestion re timeouts

Was doing a raid today, and was sooo close to winning when it timed out. What if they offered us the option to coin to put more time on the clock? Maybe some sort of a ticking offer that expired after 30 seconds or something.

What is wrong with you, seriously?


Please ignore this post have u noticed u can turn battle speed up to 3x an click auto just do that once the 1 min timer comes up
No1 wants longer raids plz don’t suggest it lol

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So what if I am Gona loose I just stop playing and wait for it to time out and I get the win

Totally makes sense!

@IronandWine ur normally so sensible

That would be way more lame. Just stand and don’t attack and get the win. Noobs with 1* teams able to beat top players cuz all they gotta do then is stand there. No thanks.

Eh, your right. It’s early and I need my coffee. I’m just sick and tired of these stupid timeout teams. It’s so boring now. Even when you win you lose…

So then the only real option would be to increase the timer and just hit auto and walk away because none of these timeout teams can do any damage.

It’s real annoying I agree but that solution doesn’t work and I don’t have a better one is the broken mechanics mods have brought!

Mods unfortunately aren’t going anywhere. I bet they have been a nice moneymaker for scopes.

The problem is that there is a real lack of decap toons for your average player. That’s the only way to stop the chain revives from popping without some seriously lucky rng.

Problem is players can have bonus Def bonus Hp mods on all and a defensive set and all u can counter with is bonus attack mod and attack set meaning there bonuses to hp and Def are always higher than the bonuses u can get to attack

I’d be interested to see what the landscape would look like if you could only build your team with one of each role. 1 medic, 1 tank, 1 supporter, 1 damage, 1 generalist. That would force a lot of creativity. Though there are very few generalists so I would be open to something like they have with mods. There are different 4 mod slots but you can have a duplicate of only 1 slot in the middle slot.

Doubt people would go for that, frankly I would hate it too if I had a bunch of premier toons that I paid for and couldn’t use most of them

I have been lucky with alphas and loadsa tyresses so I don’t have that problem but yet against alot of teams without decap u r doomed.

Going taunt heavy on attack can help as not many use resist taunt and try and keep revives controlled until u can kill

Think it’d give advantage to defenders if anything as most attack teams require 2 damage toons.

Timeout is a strategy. One that scopely completely encourages through their characters on premier sales. Why on Earth would they hurt their sales of these characters by making it harder or not possible to time someone out? Either get a faster and harder hitting attack team or don’t attack those players. Simple.

The problem with this game is they don’t revisit and rebalance older toons like every other game in existence. They just keep pumping out newer ones that are stronger than the last in order to keep the pulls flowing.

Once everyone has their 2 shields and 3 revives and the pulls stop scopes will come up with a batch of new toons that will destroy them in seconds in order to get people to spend again. Just have to ride this meta out for now I guess.

Lol @IronandWine ur exactly right u been playing this long enuff to suss there business model as well I see lol

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I’m really confused here… I wasn’t saying that you could win by just waiting for the timeout… I was saying you could get more time to fight. Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough.

Sorry not to be rude but we were all just for ignoring that statement as most think it takes way to long to raid anyway without paying more to make it last even longer…

On a more productive note maybe u should take territories that give u +5% attack think ther is 3 which is +15% attack which will make these battles end quicker save the need for coin extensions!

They have ruined the game by flooding it with shields and revives. Six stars have barely been out for a year and teams are full of shields and revives. I can’t remembwr there being too many full shield and revive teams in the five star era. I don’t know what the next step for them is because these teams can’t get much better. I guess they could finally start releasing 45ap toons but I’m not sure that will even help.

Sheild revive teams are not a problem with the right attack team even if you are free to play u need decap toons and go all out attack no need for healers on attack sheilds and revives cause no damage much harder teams are 2 sheilds 1 revive and 2 damage or controlling toons.