Suggestion (poll): Add “Favorite” tab to characters

Title says it all. Characters that are tagged as favorites would be at the top of the roster page, immediately after those assigned to teams.

Good idea?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Meh

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Yep, very good idea actually.

All my Allen’s at the Top :grin:


Love this idea

We also just need a way better sort functionality. Why can’t I just see only my 6-stars or only my 5-star ascendables. Who cares if they are assigned to a team or not. I also don’t want to have to scroll through all my trainers. Why won’t you just stack them or move them to a trainer only screen?

Do something the players want for a change especially when it doesn’t cost you anything to make it happen. Thanks.

BTW Still waiting on a roster screen just for SR. It would save so much time if I could set up the half dozen combos I always run without having to find them then switch weapons just about every stage.


This Things need to happen and a fix to the Fast Ascendance Screen

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