Suggestion: Making the game better

Hi Folks,
First off all, congrats for the game, I think is one of the best I have already play and still play it.
Just somethings that, in my opinnion, would be a good upgrade to help the players.

  1. Main Village: Would be nice to have an option to collect all wood an all food with just one click. I have already play another game where we had the option to click, for exemple clcking in the globehouse, to have an option to collect everything with just one click, or you could collect one by one clicking on each construction.

  2. Territories: Same of the first suggestion, to have an option to click in somewhere to collect all boxes.

  3. Batle speed: Increase this option, sometimes I just want to complite some phases, easy phases, and I have to wait, even if I know that my equipe will win it. My suggestion here is increase the option or create some intelligence to compare both levels, equipe X boot, and give the option to jump to the end if the victory is eminent.

You can click and hold all get all resources though.

You can collect it all with one click. In your town long click on a food or wood icon. When you click and hold it gathers all of it for you. Same with territories. Long click one of the rewards chest and it gathers all of them. I do agree with you on skipping the battle, but hey… thats part of the grind

Thanks mate.
I do didn´t know it … !! Cheers

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