Suggestion: Make Red plastic pieces drop during faction tourney


Can we have this, please?


Or at least increase the amount we get per drop. At an average of only 10 per drop I’ll never get enough to make even one pull before the event ends. I spammed it as much as possible yesterday but only got like 2100 pieces.


Edited title to be more specific:

Suggestion: Make Red plastic pieces drop during faction tourney


Thanks mick


that would be nice


Would make things a lot quicker and easier.


Yes can we please get some extra drops for this raid tourney. Gun parts, plastic parts, whatever. Right now there is no motivation to use anything other than passive energy.


Thanks Eternal Enemy I will suggest it and see if it’s something we could possibly do. :slight_smile:


Man screw the red plastic pieces, where the hell are the lucille tokens at. They should be droppin’ if they are not rewards.


Thank you, Shane💕


+1000000000 amen


My guess is that Wednesday login count is the lowest, and hence why Wednesday-only for the red plastic pieces.

Great suggestion, but probably will not possible since the event is going live and a recall to add drops onto the loot table is most likely a no-go. Besides, the offers scheduled to go live would be out of sync.


You would think that the event parts would be somewhere in the active events during that time, but it’s not looking good


I agree. I work on Wednesdays and tried to run the map as much as possible but it was hard amd with drop rates I didnt get a ton. Another outlet to get those would be fantastic.


Oui pour ceux qui travaillent il est impossible d’avoir 25000 pièces plastique rouge


This would be a great idea. Red can pieces and Lucille tokens. Pleaseee


I cant see how they can have an event running
… and the tournaments running within the time frame of the event have no relevant prizes… i mean thats just plain stupid. No token or plastic drops, no token prizes for placements or even personal milestones. Its absolutely ridiculous.


If the 0 rm were still running, ill trade those events for farming it for sure, I want zekes sword and Lucile :slight_smile:


More roadmap or more ways to farm to pieces


Plan quotidien 0 nrj serait bien plus juste pour les travailleurs