[SUGGESTION] Increase Reward Inbox Capacity


As it currently stands, the rewards portion of my inbox can only hold 50 items. After accumulating 50 items it seems that my older rewards get hidden.

The only way for me to get them back is to contact support. Problem there is, they’ll only give you the stuff you know about.

I’ve lost out on coins from offers, war crates, faction revenge prizes, hiring tokens, and I don’t know what else, because they’re hidden.

@kalishane, could we please get this recommended to be addressed?

@CombatDevIl / @CombatMan / @Dash, do any of you have any suggestions? I’m really wondering what rewards I have that were hidden and have expired that I’ve missed out on.


I get what you’re saying, but that doesn’t fix the issue.

For example, I try to keep my faction revenge food and stuff in there so I don’t have to waste it before level up tournaments. I try to watch videos all day while working.


I’ll see about reproing the issue either today or some time this week


Yeah, I used to do that. I like my new method though.

Ultimately, I don’t understand why there has to be a limitation on the number of rewards in my inbox.


Thank you. Thank you for the quick response too.


With the myriad of other issues that are being raised it’s nice to see something so trivial as some one hoarding prizes is a priority.


Way more important stuff that needs addressing before this even gets considered…


This is important. It’s not trivial. I’ve had to go back and forth with support for WEEKS to get back prizes that I earned simply because I watched too many videos before claiming the rewards. That’s a waste of my time, and it’s a waste of support’s time. I was able to get my prize back because I went directly to Andrea on the forums, and I that’s something that I despise to its core - a group of players with the same problem getting different results based on who at Scopely they know.

When Scopely tells you that you have 30 days to collect a reward, and then it disappears while you are using the feature as it’s intended to be used, that’s an issue. Failing to fix this issue for SEVEN MONTHS after it’s been reported erodes confidence in the team. I reported this back in March. Again, it’s a fairness issue. I know about the issue and can adjust my play according to what I know about the game. But it’s not fair that some players know about the bug because they read forums or have experienced it themselves or have been warned by factionmates about it. EVERY player should be able to play the game with confidence that when a reward shows up in their inbox and it says they have 30 days to collect it, it will be there 29 days from now.

Scopely has multiple teams working on code at the same time. To say that all other fixes need to stop because something more important has to be fixed first is short-sighted. Sometimes you take the low-hanging fruit first because it’s a quick, low-effort win.

Any issue like this that is clearly unfair to players is important.

Any bug in code that causes player frustration is worth reporting.


Oh yes the mythical Teams hard at work haha


I reported this bug already a year ago. Nobody cares to fix it.

Here is my work around if rewards vanish:

  1. Collect the rewards where there is no limit in capacity (everything except trainers or food)
  2. Delete and reinstall the game.
  3. Wait about 10 mins in the game and the rewards reappear.
  4. If there are still rewards missing, repeat steps 1.-3.


hahah how you forget about your rewards??? hmmmm:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Bug’s been logged. It will hopefully be addressed sooner than later, though there are higher priority issues that will likely be dealt with before this is resolved.


So rather than come here and acknowledge that the staff is taking steps to actually address our issue, you use this as an opportunity to shame them? I don’t recall being told that this was the new priority #1.

Cool your jets, folks. Don’t chase off the Dev team.