Suggestion here

It might be worthwhile to be able to transfer some things from one of your accounts, to another. I say this because the revamp that scopely plans on doing w/ tokens, crates, supply depo, etc… is really good for new players but for us who’ve been playing for a while, isn’t anything too appealing. Now I say this because scopely is introducing a whole new concept to the game. S class and vet rings or whatever they’re called. I myself have no desire to go for any of these new changes because the toons aren’t going to be at the caliber as the meta here in a couple months. I just feel like all the things I have collected and saved up would be better used on a new account. :man_shrugging:t4:

No. That account could then go to a newer server. Would unfairly balance it.


Yea they don’t allow old prestige accounts into the new regions anyway. They stopped that practice as veterans just kept dominating newer regions. If you wanna start in a new one now, gotta be p1


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