Suggestion for war rewards

So, instead of the cakes that only benefit players who spend, why not put a choice box for ice cream cones, cakes, bullets ect ect, at this rate, all number one factions who spend in regions are the only ones benefitting from first place prizes of cones and keys, I’m not saying put 1,100 items in all boxes, but as teams finish in like 50th place get 50 choice items, I’m just losing my motivation to war.


Motivation has been lost again, since they’ve changed key/cone map to one single s/class map which costs more torches than before. It will take even much longer now to get cones or keys. The small number of items you can get from a whole weekend doing war is a joke. Taifun crates are another joke of them. Result is, it’s going to be another months long grind to collect at least one of those s/class toons.


Sad part is, I’m seeing these walker heads as rewards and I’m betting we’ll need 2 to 4k of these heads to get the S class scopely spoke of.

Hopefully it’s something like the free sclass event how it doesn’t cost much to get but the cost is in leveling it up

I just hope the war wheel will have 3 decent 6 star and One 6* version of an a-class toon as well so that it won’t be completely pointless

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