Suggestion for towers



Hey $copely. Here is my suggestion for towers because your current plan is just ruining war for, based on the complaints, a number of people.

Have each tower increase the speed of the war energy refill for the faction. Each tower provides the same increase, but they are cumulative.


Or more towers with smaller but stackable bonuses


Dude… Are you kidding? Scopes to add a function that would reduce the need to buy cans and ultimately reduce revenue? :rofl:

Maybe if you suggested winning a tower DECREASED war energy refill for the opposition, that may have more merit.


there should be a tower for melee a tower for range and a tower for both.


Tower A give range characters 20% attack

Tower B gives melee 20% attack

Tower C gives all 25% def to all.


Why are we complaining again? I liked finally hitting those god damn double shield double revive teams



  1. Don’t make the towers give such an insane advantage. They should give an advantage, but I shouldn’t be able to auto even the most premium defence.

  2. Don’t make said over powered towers cost half a can just to hit.


Another suggestion don’t push out beta updates the day before war. Thanks to beta I can’t attack mayor’s house when an enemy holds it.


Or just don’t sign up for beta … :man_shrugging:


Defense towers are dumb, and clearly they didn’t play test a 50% Def bonus (even more, evident by saying 0% at start of war).

Towers should accelerate game play only, not just be a giant cock block.

Just seems like an attempt to increase war cost, especially with 2 energy cost to retake atk tower.


Can we get a tower that when captured just gives the faction the win?


thats what we pretty much have with the 80% atk tower being op af.


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